Our Role in this Story

Would you rather be the main character in the worst movie ever? Or have a cameo in the best movie of all time? Keep in mind that probably very few people, if anybody, will watch the worst movie…but everybody will love and repeatedly watch the best movie.

This is an analogy to what God offers us in life. (No analogy is perfect, or it wouldn’t be an analogy.)

Since before the beginning of time, God has been writing the greatest story ever – and it’s all about Him. If what the Bible says about God is true, then He deserves this grand story – reality itself – to revolve and center around Him alone. To display His love for us – at great cost for Himself – God has invited us to be involved.

He has asked us not only to be a part of His story, but to play an important role, and to be on His side. As children of God, we are protagonists. We are on the winning team. And the main character, God, wants goodness and blessings for us. Consider that not only is God the main character of this story, but He is the author as well. He is directing all of this. Pretty amazing and comforting.

Most of the time, I live my life like a movie that is revolving around myself. I’m the main character. I live as if everyone else, God included, are just minor supporting characters. But a story all about me indescribably pales in comparison to a story all about the God of the Bible.

His story is made up beauty, love, suspense, tragedy, death, life, power, humor, excitement, magnificence, originality, war, betrayal, sacrifice, promises, judgment, redemption, restoration, and so much more. And this story’s main character, the director, the author, endures death so that we can be a part of His story.

I wouldn’t want any other role.


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