What do you believe?

You can say that you believe something or think that you believe something, but the best way to figure out what you really believe is to look at how you live. How we live our lives is the best indicator of what we really believe.

Here are two illustrations…

1. If you tell me your name is Jackson and I believe you, then I will call you Jackson. What if after years of knowing you and calling you Jackson, you tell me your name is actually Michael? I won’t believe you, so I won’t call you Michael. I’ll continue calling you Jackson. If somehow you proved to me your name is really Michael and reasonably explained why you originally told me it was Jackson – and I believe you – then I will stop calling you Jackson, and call you Michael instead. What I do changes because what I believe changes.

2. Similarly, if the weather-man confidently announces that it is going to be cold all day – and I believe him – then I will dress differently. What I wear that day will be different because there is a change in what I believe. My actions are different in light of what I believe.

What we believe changes how we live.

I’ve found that at the end of the day I can replay how I lived that day – my actions, my attitude – to see what I was believing about God, myself, and others. This applies to every area of my life. Do I live like God is sovereign? Do I live like God is just? Do I live like God is all-knowing? Do I live like God is all-powerful? Do I live like God is personal? Do I live like God is loving? Do I live like the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is true?

What am I believing? What truths? What lies?

How you live reveals what you believe.


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