Are we hypocrites?

That much of the world views Christians as hypocrites has me beg the question, “Are we really hypocrites?” And if so…”What message are we communicating about Christ and ourselves to the world? What are we leaving out? What are we distorting?”

If we proclaim humbly, accurately and truthfully the person of Christ, we will not be hypocrites.

I understand a hypocrite to be someone why says one thing, but does another.

I’m beginning to think our problem is more in what we are saying than in what we are doing. I know people complain that Christians don’t live differently than others, and I agree that is a problem. Demonstration as well as proclamation is important. But we cannot expect ourselves or other believers to live perfect, sinless lives – that’s not true to scripture. Our living imperfectly does not contradict the message of Jesus. So there is no hypocrisy – unless we are not teaching rightly the message of Jesus.

Let’s talk about it. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below.


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