Feeding the right dog

Two dogs of the same breed are in a fight. Which one wins?

The one you’ve fed more.

In temptation, there is always a choice. We can choose Christ – life. Or we can choose ourselves – death. What we too often forget is sin leads to more sin. And obedience leads to more obedience.

When I sin, I am not only denying and suppressing truth, but affirming and supporting lies. As I continue to give-in and choose sin, it only makes it easier to choose sin the next time. In this pattern, it becomes easier and easier to believe lies against God, myself, and others.

On the other hand, if I begin to consistently choose truth – choose Christ – then I will be more likely to continue on this path. I’ve heard it said our hearts have ‘obedience muscles’. The more we work them and use them, the stronger they get. And in light of our own depravity, these muscles can always be developed more.

Which ‘dog’ are you feeding? Which ‘muscle’ are you working out?

When facing temptation, what you choose today affects what you choose tomorrow. Choose Christ. He’s better and He’s worth it.


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