A Reflection on Freedom

Considering July 4th was two weeks ago, I realize this is a ‘late’ post. But our American holiday, Independence Day, had me thinking about freedom – not only America’s freedom, but our freedom in Christ.

When you are given freedom you are both freed from something and freed to something. America’s Declaration of Independence and victory in the Revolutionary War freed us from the unjust tyranny of British rule. And I am very grateful for this. But what was America freed to?

We were freed to ourselves. But this is not real freedom. It is narcissism. It is egotism, vanity, conceit, and selfishness. It is living for ourselves – sin in its purest form. As an American, I have the ‘right’ to live for myself. Yet to live for something is to worship it. We were created to live for – to worship – our creator, not creation. How is ‘Christian freedom’ different than ‘American freedom’? Christ. Christ is the difference. American freedom is from man – we achieved it – and it can only extend as far as man. But man is sinful to the core. Christian freedom is from Christ – God himself – and it gives us the freedom to know, live for, and worship God. Jesus’ death and resurrection on the cross freed us from sin – from ourselves. And freed us to Him. He is life. We are made to know, to live for, and to worship Him – not ourselves. True freedom is found in Christ alone.


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