What Sins Do You Live In?

usaI just came across a study by Wired Magazine that maps out the 7 deadly sins across the USA – American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins. Where do you live? What do you think about the chart? Leave comments below.



  1. LT

    As a resident of mid North Carolina it would appear that we’re now statistically devilish thanks for our from Kansas State. While I may not be an outstanding statistic in this case, I could easily think that I’m not so bad compared to what’s going on around me, but my need for a Savior is no less than that of those around me, regardless of where they live and what they’ve done. I wonder if the KSU researchers included the Matthew 5:28 mentality in their study. Another good post from the Survey The Wondrous crew.

  2. Scott

    While I find the statistics of this study fascinating and very interesting, I think that they miss a more alarming fact. And although most Christians, and most people for that matter, tend to struggle with particular sinful habits and actions more than other ones, I don’t think that that really matters. The main point to comprehend and grasp is not how we sin, but that we sin. Sin isn’t differentiated by how it is justified or performed. Sin is sin. It is falling short and lacking the very glory of God as Romans 3:23 states. While seeing that certain geographical regions have different types of problems and vices can be beneficial in terms of how to control those issues, they can also get in the way of the main source of hope and correction. And that is sinners need for a Savior. And that is who Jesus Christ is.
    It also is evidence of the story in Matthew 7 where Jesus tells a man to see the plank in his own eye before he condemns a man for the speck in his. I agree with LT’s comment and how it points to how Christians love to see sins in those around them and comparing the standard of virtue to other people. When truly the only rightful standard is Christ. And when our lives are compared to Christ, our sin is revealed, our imperfections are great, and God’s redeeming grace becomes the only place to turn.

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